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Victoria University of Wellington | Association of Architecture Schools of Australia

AASA - Providing leadership and advocacy for architectural education in australasia

Victoria University of Wellington

School of Architecture

Victoria University Wellington

Victoria’s School of Architecture has an internationally recognised reputation as a leading tertiary provider in the built environment.

We have recently restructured our programmes to align with international standards. Students now complete a three year undergraduate degree followed by a two year Master’s qualification. On completion graduates can enter the industry as professional designers or as a practitioner in a range of careers.

Our programmes span a range of disciplines at the core of the built environment, from architecture, building science, landscape architecture and interior architecture to architecture history and theory. Our commitment to teaching and learning is underpinned by our ongoing research in these areas.

We have world class facilities on campus and students have access to our excellent resources and the latest technology for undergraduate study and postgraduate research.



An outpost in the Hinterland
Ben Allnatt’s thesis titled Plan B Hive: An outpost in the Hinterland

Victoria University student wins international thesis award

A Victoria University of Wellington architecture student has won an international award for research into where the New Zealand government could be accommodated in the wake of a major natural disaster.