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Deakin University | Association of Architecture Schools of Australia

AASA - Providing leadership and advocacy for architectural education in australasia

Deakin University

School of Architecture and Built Environment

Deakin - youtube

The School of Architecture and Built Environment operates at the intersection of art, design, technology and environmental science. Through teaching and learning frameworks, we develop and creative professional expertise to inspire innovative and sustainable environments.

Over one thousand students now enrol in the School’s courses. Students study predominantly at the Geelong Waterfront Campus, as well as the Melbourne Burwood campus via the cloud (online). They are supported by more than 70 full-time and sessional staff plus part-time staff in practice.



Deakin University - PaperSpace 2016

From 31 October to 4 November 2016 the Deakin University School of Architecture and Built Environment’s annual student exhibition will again be held at The Atrium Federation Square.

Design Build puts Student Skills on Show

Students from Deakin University’s School of Architecture and Built Environment participated in a new initiative that gave them the opportunity to display their work at DesignBUILD 2016, a leading event for industry professionals from the architecture, building, construction and design communities.